My Love

by Mounika

My Dearest Sweetheart:

I have missed you all these long cold nights that you have been away. How I wish that I could be wrapped in your strong arms once more. The smell of your cologne haunts me as I fall asleep at night on your pillow. I dream of you and what we share and cannot wait for you to return home.

Your tender kisses are in my thoughts - constantly, your touch on my back, your breath on my skin, I miss you so much my darling. I count the days and nights and wait with baited breath until you return home from sea.

Do you think of me, too? Am I constantly in your dreams as you are in mine? I cannot express how much your absence haunts me like a ghost of a lost love.

I know you will return to me soon, but I cannot help but feel that each second is a lifetime. Hurry back to me lover, let me taste your love on my lips once more.

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