My "Mr. Cupid....."

by Melissa
(Spokane, Wa. USA)

My  Very Own

My Very Own

This happened a couple of years ago, but It will Never be forgotten.... It was the most Romantic Thing, anyone has ever done for Me to this day...

I had just started a brand new relationship with someone that I was completely "Head Over Heels" for, and him the same way... This is why I couldn't understand his "Not Caring" attitude on Valentine's Day?? I had called him from work, and asked what our plans were for that evening, and he replied with "I don't care... Whatever You Want To Do"...

Needless to say, I was Extremely Hurt, Confused, Mad, and Saddened that he couldn't care less... When I got to My Apt., All I wanted to do was go to bed and pout the day away!! When I opened the door, I saw what I thought was "Potpourri" all over the carpet, and my cat rolling in around in it...

When I took a second look, I noticed that it was a bunch of "Red Rose Petals" that led from my front door to my Bedroom door. I was almost to nervous to open my Bedroom door, but when I finally did the trail of petals led up to my bed, were shaped in a "Beautiful Heart Shape" with petals spread all over my bed!!!

Inside the "Heart", was a Huge Fluffy Teddy Bear, A Heart Shaped Box of Candy, A Personalized "Love Note", Reservations for us at a " Expensive Restaurant", and My cordless phone with a "Post It" reading... "Surprise Babe!!! Did You Really Think I Didn't Care Enough To Remember??? You Are My World!!! Now Call Me, I Love You More Than Anything!!!" HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Roses, Lilies, and other flowers! FTD Top 100 Florist! 10% OFF Orders of $60 Code: "10OffFlowers60" Click here!

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