My Pink Heart

by yalee

Last February we were celebrating Valentines Day at my school, I was in 9th grade and I liked this handsome guy from 11th grade, he had told me that he liked me too but we were both so shy that we didn't speak to each other very much.

That day at lunch I was waiting for my friends on the table when Samantha came and told me to go to the library with her. I followed her though it was weird because she never went there, and when we arrived she left in a rush.

I was going to leave right after her when I heard his voice, I turned around and there he was, holding a small blue box in his hands. He gave it to me and said: "This is for you, Happy Valentines Day".

I tried to say something, but nothing came out of my mouth. He asked me if I was going to open it, and I was pretty stupid and said no. Then he said bye, kissed me and left. Samantha came running into the library and she told me to open it.

Inside the box there was a beautiful necklace with a pink heart on it. I felt so bad because I had been so rude with him, and he had been so nice to me. I put on the necklace and went looking for him. I found him and said "Thank you", he smiled and I smiled back.

Since that day we started dating, and things changed a lot. It has been almost a year now and I never take off my necklace, the guy now is my boyfriend, we've been through so much together, and I love him.

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