My Poochie Pooh

Hey Poochie Pooh: You know what? I just can’t get you out of my head. The thought of you keeps flashing like a 90 watt light bulb - every minute! It's so damn crazy...and yes, it is very corny! Can’t help it though, but you are the one to be blamed...

blamed for haunting my mind and not letting me concentrate on myself

blamed for having those piercing eyes – I could stamp those looks forever and ever on my mind

blamed for all your little gestures - which at times make me go weak in the knees

And just when I think I would never fall for it...again – you would come up with the most sweetest, cutest words on earth and make me forget all worries and live for that moment.

This is for you my love – from my heart; just a little bit of what I fee1. I don't think I could ever write it all!

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