My Single Mom Life Turned Good

by Ashley
(Zion, Il)

Dearest Love, I always wanted to do different things in my life for a career. But things changed when I was 18, becoming pregnant out of wedlock.

I had my baby and you became part of our lives. You didnt have to put up with us, but you chose to anyway. You didnt father my child, but you chose to step up to take care of her. You didnt have to support us, but decided that you wanted to.

Now 5 years later, we are still strong and learning more about each other each and every single day. You may not be perfect but you are perfect for me. You may not do things the typical " supposed to do" way, but the way you do it is fine by me.

Some days I still wonder if there is a better life somewhere or with some one else. But then a few minutes later I cant imagine my life without you. Its very difficult to think of not waking up without you, or not seeing you at night with us at the dinner table talking about our day.

You bring joy to us every day with your little silly jokes that no one else would thinks is funny. And the way you look at me when we are getting ready to go out and I've done my hair and make up as if I'm the only person left on earth. Even when we wake up in the morning with faces all puffy and breath not the best you still find the way to smile at me.

As "our" daughter grows up and goes through school and life i want to experience that with you. I want us to cry and enjoy watching her grow up as we go through the trials of raising a child.

I want to grow old with you and when we retire. I want to just enjoy the days of free time doing all the things that we wanted to do in out past, but couldnt because of certain situations.

I love so much and i will stick by you, good or bad times. No matter how poor or rich we are I will always know that you do your best to make us happy.

And now I promise to do more things for you to make sure you know how much I want you in my life. You should feel appreciated's well deserved.


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Long Love Letter For A Single Mom
by: Lanard

Very nice...I could write for a long time and not come up with a letter as nice as this one.

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