My Soul, Your Heart

by TS

This letter is about the fire that burns deep down inside your soul when you encounter love. It is a bare all explanation about how it feels to find "the one". Here it is.


On the day we met I sensed something different about you. In fact, my heart is still racing. Your soul sang to mine and I knew in that moment that I wanted you for eternity... a lifetime wasn’t going to be long enough.

So, why do I love you? It's the way your eyes sparkle when you see me; the way you wrap your arms around me after a tough day; and the way your lips feel hot, even on cold days. Your beauty is simple, yet stunning; and you're delicate, yet powerful.

When I look at you I see the future as told by the look in your eyes. I see our wedding day and having children together. I daydream about going on exotic vacations together, but also being wonderful parents coaching t-ball together. I even think about the day when we finally get to retire and how look forward to having grandbabies running around the house.

I recognize that life isn't always going to be easy… and that we will face some hard times together; but I also know that we’ll be able to overcome the hardest challenges through love and support of one another. Joy picks up where struggles end and the hard times we face together will make us stronger and more appreciative of better times. The possibilities are endless with you.

Before you life was good, now it’s fantastic. Can’t we have it all?

Mt Soul, Your Heart

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