My Sunshine, My Darling, My Love

by AJ
(Kingsport, Tennessee, United States)

L, these past two years with you have flown by. I can barely believe it's only been that long; it feels as though I've always known you and that I've always had you in my life. We've just experienced so much together.

We've fallen down in the face hardships, together, and we've risen and risen again, together, to overcome the difficulties. We've learned and taught and laughed and cried together. We've grown together.

I hope it will always be this way, you and me together. I know we are young, but I only see a future with you. It's you I want to live with, it's you I want to marry, it's you I want to raise a family with, and it's you I want to grow even older with.

I want to travel the world with you by my side- I want to learn it all, see it all, experience it all with you. I can't imagine my future without you in it.

I am yours and only yours, until the end of forever. You are the only one who has my heart. I love you, my golden sunshine, my sweet darling, my beautiful love.

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