Nachos & Popcorn

by Alison
(Fuquay Varina, NC, USA)

I had never been on an “official” date before Raymond. I was working at an automotive repair facility next door to a gas station, and had seen him working the counter before. After work one day, he came over and asked me if I had any interest in going out on a date with him. Since this was the first time I had been “asked out”, I said “Sure, why not?” We knew virtually nothing about each other before our first date.

We planned to meet for a movie later on in the week, but later on I realized I had scheduled our date for the same night as my mother’s birthday celebration. I felt awful having to call and reschedule, and hoped he wouldn’t see me as a total flake. He understood and switched our date to the following Friday.

We met at a local movie theater to see the new animated flick “The Incredibles”. He bought me my favorite nachos, and I bought him his favorite popcorn. The movie was cute and funny – just like Raymond. We whispered and laughed through the entire movie. I have to say it was the most fun I had ever had simply watching a movie.

After the movie, we stopped in the parking lot to say goodbye. I was so nervous I basically turned around and bolted. I drove home that night with a giant grin plastered on my face, and woke my mother up to tell her about our date. I realized later I hadn’t given Raymond much of an opportunity to ask me out again, and sure enough, I didn’t hear from him.

A couple of days later I worked up the nerve to go over to the gas station and see if he would still be interested in a second date. So I showed up that night at his house for a second date and movie – he had nachos waiting, and I brought popcorn. We are now engaged, and will be celebrating our 7 year anniversary in a few months.

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