Negative Response to Job Candidate Interview

Negative Response to Job Candidate Interview. If your firm is like most, you will find yourself interviewing numerous individuals for each open position.

In most cases, you won’t be able to offer a position to each of your interviewees.

Use this letter to send an update to those you won’t be hiring. 

While this is not the response these folks will be hoping for, it’s better than leaving them hanging.

If you send this letter within a week of the interview, you can also avoid awkward phone calls or email messages. 

More than likely, they put some time into preparing for your meeting – so they deserve a response one way or the other!

This sample letter is a courteous and professional way to let them know they did not get the job.


Dear __________,

It was a pleasure meeting with you yesterday and having the opportunity to discuss your education and your career goals.

I appreciate your candidness and feel that since your objectives are to work in the field of [specify area] you should attempt to obtain a position with a firm that would enable you to gain experience in your preferred area.

Unfortunately, our business does not afford you this opportunity.

I am certain that you will find a position which suits you soon and I believe that you have a great deal to contribute. 

Please accept my best wishes for your future.

Best regards,

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