Networking Cover Letter, Beauty Tester

Dear Beth Anne,

I want you to know I really appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to introduce me to your supervisor. I also appreciate all of the advice you have given me regarding employment opportunities with Colique.

Thanks to you, I got a chance to sit down and speak with Mr. Leigh about Colique, and more specifically, your testing department. The work sounds as interesting as it is rewarding. I don't think I ever would have considered the test analyst position.

Thank you for keeping me in mind when the assistantship for just that position became available. I've enclosed a current resume. If you get the chance to give it an overlook before handing submitting it to Mr. Laeigh I would truly appreciate it. My contact information is current.

Again, thank you for your consideration for this position. The time and courtesy you, Mr. Leigh and the rest of the Colique staff extended to me was insurmountable. I hope the next time we speak it will be on terms of the position available.

Many Thanks,
Lainey Faint

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