New Graduates and Letters of Recommendation

HR Likes It When You Provide Good Reference Information

HR Likes It When You Provide Good Reference Information

I finished my degree in April 2009 and it was not the most fortunate time to enter the workforce. With little experience, I needed all the help I could get.

I thought with giving a list of references to potential employers at my interviews, I'd be a shoe-in - all my past references thought very highly of me and would give glowing reviews.

The downside to this is that it usually can be a pain for HR to track down references (a lot of my past supervisors weren't stuck to their desks 24/7).

Providing a Letter of Recommendation, along with their contact information, let my potential employers know how highly people thought of me up front. It also gives them something to talk to my references about if they need more details.

I'd say HR is more favorable to applicants that are going to make their job easier.

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Your foot in the door
by: Anonymous

A good letter of recommendation can definitely get your foot in the door with a desired company. Surely, as Lanard stated, it will save time for the HR personnel. Be sure to have your references include their email (along with a phone number they can be reached at). With the pace of the corporate world today, email is a quick and efficient media for communication.

Letter of Reference - Contact Info Is Important
by: Lanard

A Letter of Reference is not worth as much to you without accurate contact information as is one with good contact information; whether it's email addresses; work, home and cell phone numbers; or office mailing addresses.

One problem is that it slows down the job interview and hiring process; college admissions, graduate school admissions, acceptance to civic organizations and boards, etc.

People doing reference checks might call a couple of times, but don't expect them to make many more calls than that. In fact, you can almost depend on them moving on to the next best candidate for whatever it is you're applying for.

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