New Open Account Welcome and Terms Letter

A sample New Open Account Welcome and Terms Letter like this one helps bring new customers into the company fold.  This letter doubles as a 

welcome and an outline to the terms of agreement for a new account with the company.

Providing information on account terms for new holders is of the utmost importance for all parties involved, and it won't take much time at all if you utilize this sample letter.

This is a brilliant way to greet customers who have shown a strong affinity in your company, wares and/or services.

Send them a gracious welcome while simultaneously walking them through the general information about the new account.


Dear __________,

Thank you for opening an account with our company.  As one of the leaders in this industry, we can assure you that our products and our services will not disappoint you. 

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly set forth our terms and conditions for maintaining an open account with our firm.  Invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt, with a 2% discount available if your payment is remitted within ten (10) days of receipt. We consider this incentive an excellent opportunity for our customers to increase their profit margin, and therefore encourage the use of this discount privilege whenever possible.  We do, however, require that our invoices be paid within the specified time, for our customers to take advantage of this 2% discount.

At various times throughout the year we may offer our customers additional discounts on our products.  In determining your cost in this case, you must apply your special discount first, and then calculate your 2% discount for early payment.

As the credit manager, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your new account. I can be reached at the above number.   Welcome to our family of customers.


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