Notice and Acknowledgement of Service Rate Increase Letter

Notice and Acknowledgement of Service Rate Increase Letter. In this economy, it’s common knowledge that rates for services and goods are 

going in one direction – up up and away!

It’s frustrating and unpleasant, but in most situations, we can’t do much about it.  When a company increases their rates, customers will need to be informed. 

Whether you have time to call each customer, or need to send out a mass mailing – follow-up with this letter.

You can easily enclose this letter with additional documents, such as a service agreement.

Using this letter should leave few questions unanswered, but be sure to provide your contact information as a common courtesy and you’re all set! 


Dear _______,

This letter will confirm [individual's] telephone conversation with you today concerning an increase in our billing rate to [amount] per hour, effective [date] It is necessary that we request this increase due to a rise in the cost of conducting our business. We are faced with an increase in payroll taxes and insurance, along with an increase in our overhead costs. In addition to the above, we also seek a modest profit.

Attached are copies of our service agreement and we request that you sign one copy and return it to us indicating your approval of this new rate.

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