Notice of COD Terms Form

Notice of COD Terms Form. You’re in receipt of a purchase order, but aren’t able to fulfill the credit terms requested…now what?  You should 

consider giving your customer the option to pay at the time the item is delivered!

Use this letter to outline your C.O.D. process and any other pertinent information regarding their order.

Of course, some customers won’t feel comfortable accepting their order in this fashion and that’s to be expected.

Therefore, you’ll also want to give directions on how they can go about cancelling their order.

Using this letter could save your sale when the credit logistics aren’t working out!




Date: ____________

To:  [Customer]


We are in receipt of your purchase order as attached. 

We shall be pleased to accept your order, however, we cannot accept the order on credit terms.

Accordingly, we shall ship the goods on C.O.D. terms unless you notify us of cancellation of the order within ten days of receipt of this notice.

We appreciate your patronage.


                                   Very truly,




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