Notice of Appeal Form

Notice of Appeal Form. Everyone makes mistakes – even Referees.  If you do not agree with the decision made by the Referee in your case,

don’t sit around and do nothing – fight it!

Use this letter to communicate your intentions to the applicable parties.

You want to come off as an intelligent individual who has done his research.

Show them you know what you’re talking about and send in this form ASAP!

But before you do, make sure you read your specific appeal instructions and don’t forget to include any additional information requested!



In the matter of [name of appellant] [address] APPEAL FROM REFEREE'S DECISION

[number] [date]

Notice is hereby given that a decision was reached in the above referenced matter on the above date in the City of , State of , a copy of which is attached hereto and sets forth the particulars in this matter.

That appellant alleges that an error in decision has been made on the part of the referee and is appealing said decision on the following grounds: [grounds for appeal]


Date: ___________

___________________________ [Signature]


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