Notice of Application as Sole Trader Form

Notice of Application as Sole Trader Form. Use this letter to get the details of the applicant and her intentions in writing.

If you've opened or are planning to open a new business, you'll have a lot of decisions to make, especially concerning your wares.  

If you're interested in being the sole trader for a large name company, or desire to purchase wares from a sole source, this form can be of good use.

Of course, the application itself will have more detailed information, but this letter is a great way to get started!






Pursuant to [state section and code], notice is hereby given of the

intention of [individual], a resident of             ____ County, State of

_____, who is the wife of [name of husband], to apply to the [court] of

the County of _____ for a judgment declaring her a sole trader and

enabling her to carry on the business of [nature of business], in her own

name and on her own account.  Said business to be conducted at

[address], City of _____, County of _____ , State of _____.  Said

application will be made on [date].


Dated:  __________________ 





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