Notice of Application for Zoning Variance Exception or Permit Form

Notice of Application for Zoning Variance Exception or Permit Form. You have a local business who wants to expand their building or build a

new structure on their property.

In the past, they were free to do what they pleased and dealt with the wrath of unhappy neighbors with little consequences.

Today, that won’t fly. A city’s Zoning Ordinance will contain regulations requiring notification to neighboring residents and business owners when someone submits an application to make changes to their property.

Anyone involved is free to voice their opinion and at times there will be a meeting held to debate the issue.

Use this letter to inform applicable parties whenever an application comes through.

You can easily fill in the situation specific information and be ready to send out this notice in no time! 



You are hereby notified that an application has been made by [name of applicant] , in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance, for a [variance, exception, special use permit]. for the property situated at [address] That the purpose of this application is to [describe new use] , and this matter will be heard by the [name of commission] on [date] , at [time] , in room , at [name of building] , at which time you may appear in person, or by agent or by your attorney.

This notice is being sent to you because as a property owner in the immediate vicinity, you may be affected by the determination made at the herein mentioned hearing.

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