Notice of Approval of New Credit Account Letter

Notice of Approval of New Credit Account Letter. You’ve received an application for credit that you’re able to approve – great!

Now you need to send notification of this wonderful news to your new customer! Send this letter to pass along this important information.

Use this time to welcome your new customer and explain any important details about their new account.

You may also want to offer some extra benefits or promotions for an introductory period……and this is the time to inform them of any such news.

Begin using this New Credit Account Letter today.

It will be much less time consuming than endless similar phone calls and your customers will love receiving this in the mail!


Dear _________,

Your account with [name of firm] has been approved for credit. We would like to inform you that your account number is Please inform your personnel to be sure to include this account number on any documents and correspondence directed to [name of firm]

We welcome you to our family of customers and hope that our new relationship will be mutually beneficial and profitable.

As our way of saying thank you for opening your new account with us, we are offering you a [specify] discount on all merchandise ordered in the month of [month].

If you have any questions regarding our credit policy, please call [name], our Credit Manager, who will be more than happy to discuss your account with you.

We will be looking forward to your orders and to the opportunity of serving you.

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