Notice of Bulk Transfer

Notice of Bulk Transfer. As a prospective buyer or seller of a business, there are many logistics that you will need to take care of 

along with endless mounds of paperwork.

One such step is making sure you are complying with all of the legalities of a Bulk Transfer or Sale.

It might sound like a tedious task, but with sample forms such as this, it can be a snap.

Make your life a bit easier by using this Notice of Bulk Transfer to get the specifics down on paper and sent out to the applicable Creditors involved! 



To Creditors of , Transferor:

You are hereby notified that the Transferor, [name of transferor] is about to make a bulk transfer of [property or property and security] to the undersigned Transferee.

That the business address of the transferor is [address] , City of , County, State of , and the business address of transferee is [address] , City of , County, State of .

That the location of the property to be transferred is [address] , City of , County, State of .

Property to be transferred is [description]

To the best knowledge of the transferee, transferor has not used a business name or address other than that which is stated above during the last three years.

The bulk transfer is to be made on or after [date], at [address] , in [city] , [county] , [state] , in the office of [identify].


______________________ Transferee

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