Notice of Claim of Defective Goods Letter

Notice of Claim of Defective Goods Letter. Think you’ll never use letter? Think of it this way: You want 100% Customer Satisfaction whenever

possible…so when you receive word that you have inadvertently sold a defective item, you need to do your best to rectify the situation, right?

After you process the exchange or refund, you’ll record the details of the defective merchandise and should have this information easily accessible should a suit be brought up.

Still don’t see how you could use this letter?

Well you sold the merchandise to the customer, but your supplier or manufacturer sold it to you.

So you can pass the responsibility of the suit on to them!

Use this Notice of Claim of Defective Goods to relay all relevant details as soon as possible!



Date: ________

To: ____________________

We have purchased a product sold or manufactured by you described as:


One of our customers has advised us of a product defect in the following particulars:

Name of customer: _

Approximate date of purchase: _

Nature of defect: _

Injuries claimed: _

In the event suit is brought against us arising from Breach of Warranty of Merchantability, we shall in a like manner look to you for full reimbursement.

This letter is provided to give you earliest possible notice of a potential claim.

Very truly,


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