Notice of Claim of Lien Form

Notice of Claim of Lien Form. When unforeseen circumstances arise and you are forced to file a lean to recoup money owed, you want to be

prepared – you have a lot on the line! 

One of the first steps you should take in this process is to inform applicable parties of your intentions.  

If you’re like most of us, you’ve never been through this before and have no clue where to start!

Well here is a letter that will guide you through the process! 

You can tailor this template to suit your needs.

Or if you’re lucky and your situation is similar enough to the one described below, you can even use it just as is!


After Recording, mail to:  [Name and address]



The undersigned claimant hereby claims a mechanic`s lien under section ______ of the Civil Code of the State of _________ and hereby declares the following:

     1.  That a statement of claimant`s demand, after deducting all just               credits and offsets, in the sum of$        .

     2.  That the name of the owner[s], or reputed owner[s] of the                     property is [are]: 


     3.  A general statement of the kind of work done or materials furnished          by claimant, or both is:                                            


     4.  That the name[s] of the person[s] by whom claimant was employed           or to whom claimant furnished the materials is [are]

     5.  A description of the property sought to be charged with the lien is:          [enter full legal description here].


DATED:  ________________



                                    [Signature of Claimant]


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