Notice of Defective Goods Form

Notice of Defective Goods Form Great – the shipment you’ve been waiting for has arrived!  You open the box, take the items out and realize 

you’re been sent defective goods! Well now what?

Since your account has already been charged and you’ll need to pay additional shipping to send them back, you’re going to need to reach out to your supplier before you do anything.

Send this Notice of Defective Goods ASAP.

The last thing you want is to procrastinate on this step and end up being accused of damaging the parts yourself!

This letter is a polite and professional way of relaying the message that they made an error and need to make good for it.

After you send the letter sit back and wait for their response on what you should do next!



Date: _____

To: _ [Supplier]___

We are in receipt of merchandise shipped to us pursuant to your invoice or order number [_], dated _, 19_.

Certain goods as listed on the attached sheet are defective for the following reasons: [Describe]

Accordingly, we reject said defective goods, demand credit or adjustment and intend to re-ship said goods to you at your expense.

Please confirm credit issue and issue instructions for return of defective goods.


Very truly,

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