Notice of Delayed Shipment Form

Notice of Delayed Shipment Form. You’re seasonal promotions were a hit – you’ve been receiving a constant stream of orders!!  In fact, you 

weren’t expecting this huge of a response and are having trouble getting all merchandise shipped out as timely as you’d like.

What should you do? 

Reach out to the affected customers and explain what’s going on by sending this letter.

Let them know when you expect to fill their order and apologize for longer than usual processing time. 

Your efforts will really pay off!

The last thing you want is a valuable customer getting frustrated at your lack of communication. Keeping them informed will make them much more likely to do business with you again!


Dear ____________,

Due to the huge response we received from our summer catalog, we are

experiencing a delay in filling some of the orders. 

Item [number] should be sent to you within  [time]  from this date. 

Please accept our apologies for this delay.

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