Notice of Dishonored Check Form

Notice of Dishonored Check Form. Accepting a personal or business check as a form of payment can always be a risky situation.  It is 

inevitable that you will be faced at one time or another with a customer who submits a check that ends up bouncing.  

When this touchy situation occurs, give your customer the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe there was a problem on their financial institution’s end. Don’t automatically send them a lengthy explanation of penalties you plan to enforce.

Rather inform them of what happened by sending this Notice of Dishonored Check Form. 

Give them a chance to rectify the situation.

Then, give them some brief information on the steps you plan to take if they fail to make things right themselves.




Date: ________

To: _____________


Your check in the amount of $___, tendered to us on __, 19__, has been dishonored by your bank.

Unless we receive good funds for said amount within ___ days of receipt of this notice, we shall have no alternative but to commence appropriate legal action for its recovery.

Very truly,




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