Notice of Dissolution of Partnership Form

Your partnership is built on trust and respect and you'd like to think you will never need this Notice of Dissolution of Partnership Form.

Unfortunately, just because you only anticipate smooth sailing, doesn't mean alls well will end well.

When you went into business with your partner, you probably had this vision of sticking together for the long haul.

But circumstances change and people part ways.

It’s a matter a life that can't be always be predicted, but can be prepared for.

No matter what the situation may be, when partners split up, paperwork will need to be completed. 



Notice is hereby given in accordance with the provisions of [Section and Code of State] that:

The partnership heretofore existing between [partner A] and [partner B], under the fictitious name of [fictitious name of partnership] at [address], City of _______, County of _______, State of ______ is now dissolved by mutual consent.

That [partner A], of the City of ______, County of _______, State of _______, has withdrawn from and is no longer associated in the conducting of said business, and [partner B], of the City of ____, County of _____, State of _______ will conduct said business hereafter, has assumed all of the outstanding obligations of said business incurred both heretofore and hereafter, and is entitled to all of the assets of said business.

Said partnership is dissolved as of [date].


                                 /S/  _____________________

                                 /S/  _____________________

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