Notice of Inability to Ship Form

Use this Notice of Inability to Ship Form when unexpected circumstances arise that prevent you from being able to fulfill shipments.

This letter will let your customers know that they won’t be receiving their order as previously scheduled.

To gain even more credibility include a short blurb explaining what happened that led to the delay.

Additionally, include the purchase number and any other pertinent information relating to their order and also provide the date you expect to resume shipments and when they should be receiving their merchandise.

Although these customers won’t be thrilled to learn about the delay, they will be much more understanding than if you fail to reach out to them at all.


Dear ________, 

Due to the fire we sustained on [date] , we regret to inform you that we

will be unable to ship the merchandise for your purchase order #____ as


We do anticipate our production resuming [date] and will be able to fill

orders as of [date] .

Thank you for your understanding.


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