Notice of Litigation Letter

If everyone gave what they borrowed back on time and if everyone ensured their debts were paid in full, this Notice of Litigation Letter 

template would have no place in your financial endeavors.

However, this is not the usual matter of the case and having a sample letter like this at the ready can save valuable time and effort.

Even more unfortunate, sometimes the kids gloves must come off, the niceties have set aside, so that business can be handled. 

If the gloves are off and it’s time to make the matter official, utilize this template to get litigation started.


Dear _________,

Our firm has an opening in our [specify] department for a [position].

This will be a permanent position and the applicant must have the following qualifications:

Starting salary is [amount or dependent on applicant's qualifications] and the working hours are from [time] to [time], Monday through Friday.

Thank you for your assistance. 

If you require any additional information please contact [individual].

We are an equal opportunity employer.


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