Notice of Non Conforming Goods

Notice of Non Conforming Goods. What a disappointment to finally receive the delivery you’ve been waiting for, only to discover deficiencies!

Luckily, you were smart and submitted detailed specifications for each item ahead of time – so you’re protected!

Send this letter as soon as you notice the errors to inform applicable parties that you are rejecting the non conforming goods.

Give them as much information as you find appropriate regarding the problems you have found.

Finally, give the supplier a heads up.

Contact via telephone and clue them in on when they can expect your letter.




Date: _________

To: ___[Supplier]____


We are in receipt of certain goods recently shipped to us under the attached invoices.

Certain goods as shipped do not conform to specification or sample in the following particulars: 

                              [Describe or attach]




Accordingly, we hereby reject said non-conforming goods and demand issue of credit and instructions for return at your expense.


Very truly,




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