Notice of Opposition to Zoning Request

So, you think you will never have use for a Notice of Opposition to Zoning Request sample letter such as this?  Picture this - you live in a 

nice quiet neighborhood, you love your home, your neighbors and plan to raise your children in your current residence. 

Then you open your mail one day to find a letter informing you that a business owner plans to build an outdoor Racetrack in a nearby vacant lot.

You’ll want to immediately begin getting all of your facts together regarding your opposition.

Get your other neighbors to contribute their thoughts and begin filling in this template ASAP!

Although your gut instinct may be to pick up the phone, dial the contact number on your letter and give the receptionist an ear full…please refrain!

You will be taken much more seriously by using this letter!



An application has been filed by [name of applicant] for a [variance, exception, special use permit] to permit [purpose for zoning request] at [___address____] in the City of [__city__], County of [__county__], State of [__state__].

The property in question is presently zoned for [__zoning__], and the adjacent property is [__zoning__]. 

As property owners in the area, the undersigned do hereby request that the pending application mentioned herein be denied by the [name of commission] on the following grounds:


                  [grounds for petition]


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