Notice of Overdue Account

Make it a habit to send this Notice of Overdue Account!  There are a variety of reasons for a late or missed payment.  Maybe the customer 

forgot, maybe they sent a check that is lost in the mail, or maybe they flat out just didn’t have the funds.

The list could go on and on.

There’s no reason to send a detailed letter when you realize a payment wasn’t submitted.

Just use this short and sweet letter to let them know the date their missed payment was due and how much they currently owe.

Hopefully they will cooperate and be contacting you shortly after to set up a payment!



Date: ________

To: ____[Customer]______


The payment due us on ___, 19__, in the amount of $_____ has not been received.

Please give this matter your immediate attention and mail a check without further delay.


Very truly,




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