Notice of Packing Slip Requirements

Why use a Notice of Packing Slip Requirements? Simply put – to make your life easier!  Save time by requiring all of your suppliers and vendors to 

enclose a packing slip with every single delivery they send.

You want to do your best to provide prompt payment, but it can be hard to accomplish that when you need to sort through 5 boxes to determine what each shipment consists of.

Referencing a packing slip will make this task must less frustrating.

Get in the habit of sending this letter to remind your suppliers and/or vendors of your requirements every so often so they don’t forget!



This letter is to remind you that all shipments to [name of firm] must include a packing list which states what is in each shipment and references the purchase order number for that shipment. 

By following this procedure, we will be able to process the receipt of your merchandise faster and therefore, expedite payment to you.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


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