Notice of Promotion

Notice of Promotion…what better way to recognize your highest performers!  It’s always satisfying when you are able to move these valued

employees into an even more challenging role.

Although you’ may have already verbally discussed the details of the promotion, nothing makes official more official than in ink on paper.

After the verbal congratulations and a-do's, you should always follow up by sending a promotion letter like this one.

It’s an essential document to have in the employee’s personnel file…and I’m sure they will gloat when they read your positive words!


Dear ________,

It is our great pleasure to inform you that you have been promoted to the challenging and demanding position of [position]

This promotion is in recognition of the fine work you have done for this firm. 

We are very confident that you will meet the new responsibilities which accompany the position of   [position]  with the same level of enthusiasm and enterprise which you have exhibited since you came to work with our firm.

Please accept our congratulations on your new promotion.


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