Notice of Reclamation

Notice of Reclamation. What a burden it can be to realize that your customer is unable to pay for an order you have recently shipped out!

When this happens, you will need to take action by sending this letter.

Make sure to enclose supporting invoices and demand that all merchandise be returned.

You should also set a deadline and list any and all consequential steps you plan to take if the other party fails to comply.

Additionally if you see fit, you can give them an opportunity to resolve the situation by making immediate payment arrangements.




Date: _______

To: ___[Customer]____


Certain goods have been shipped to you within the past ten days as represented by the attached invoices.

It has come to our attention that your firm is insolvent, and therefore we demand return and reclamation of all goods delivered to you within the ten days preceding this notice.


Very truly,




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