Notice of Refusal to Accept Delivery

If your company delivers goods, you will need a Notice of Refusal to Accept Delivery on hand to use whenever necessary.  Should your 

customer fail to complete the process for their purchase and need to return the merchandise, this sample letter will come in handy.

Goods in transit can be a hassle and the more you ship things, the more likely you are to run into snags, mis-orders, damages.....the list goes on.

While this sample letter isn't to address those particular issues of shipping (see links below for sample letters that DO below), it does acknowledge a consumer's refusal of the merchandise followed by the details of what that means for future transactions.




Date: ________

To: _[Customer]_

We are in receipt of your order described on the attached invoice or order form.  You have cancelled the order after acceptance or refused to accept delivery.

Accordingly, we consider our obligations to attempt further shipment as terminated, reserving all rights against you for resultant damages arising from your failure to fulfill your obligations.


Very truly,




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