Notice of Rejected Counter Proposal

So how exactly can you use a Notice of Rejected Counter Proposal letter such as this?  Been presented with a proposal that's just 

not up to your standards lately? Yes? Perfect! Here's your form.

When after careful consideration you find you are simply unable to accept the outlined terms, this will be your go to form.

Although the company may have put a great deal of effort into putting together their document, you have put in just as much effort on your original proposal.

None the less, thank them for their time and if you see fit, explain the reasons behind your rejection.

You can then remind them that your original proposal still stands if they wish to reconsider that option.


Dear ____________,

After spending a considerable amount of time going over your counter

proposal, my associates and I concluded that the terms are simply

unworkable, and, from our point of view, unrealistic.

If you wish to reconsider our original proposal please let me know.


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