Notice of Rejection of Goods

This Notice of Rejection of Goods form letter can be used for a variety of situations!  Mostly, this letter is for any company dealing in the business of 

selling, buying, trading or ensuring wares.

For instance, was the delivery made late?

Did the prices differ from the quote? Were the goods defective?

Take a look and you will see that this letter is sure to meet your needs!

You can check off the appropriate box and send as is, or add some additional supporting information to the letter and send it off! 



Date: __________ 

To: _[Supplier]____


We received goods from you pursuant to our order or contract dated _, 19_.


We hereby reject said goods for the reason[s] checked below:

     __ Goods were not delivered within required time.

     __ Goods were defective as described on reverse side.

     __ Goods were non-conforming to sample or specifications

           as stated on reverse side.

     __ Notice of acceptance of our order, as required, has

           not been received, and we ordered the goods from other


     __ Prices for said goods do not conform to quote,

           catalogue or order.

     __ Goods represent only a partial shipment.

     __ Other [Describe] ____________________________________ 

Please issue appropriate credits or refunds if prepaid, and provide instruction for return at your expense. 

Rejection of said goods shall not be a waiver of any other claim we may have.

Very truly,




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