Notice of Resale

This Notice of Resale sample is great insurance for business dealings with parties that have a more lackadaisical approach to the future of goods.

Sometimes breaches in contracts can't be helped and you will want to be proactive and have a procedure set in place for just a predicament.

If your customer breaches the contract established and you choose to take action by reselling their merchandise, the professional action to take is to send a letter like this entailing the details of this arrangement.

Use this sample to outline the specifics of your established agreement and end with a reminder that although reselling is the next step in the process, the customer will still be held liable for any deficiency! 




Date: __________ 

To: __[Customer]__

Notice is hereby given that due to your breach of your contract dated _,

19_; the undersigned shall sell the goods ordered by you at our place of

business on _, 19_.  Said goods shall be sold for the best possible price.

You shall be held liable for any deficiency together with costs of sale.


Very truly,



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