Notice of Rescission of Release

Notice of Rescission of Release. When you enter into a contract the terms you are agreeing to should be clearly documented and both parties 

have the opportunity to review before signing off.

But what happens when you need to make a change – such as a rescission of release?

You got it – you need to get the specifics in writing!!

Regardless of the circumstances when something of this utmost importance occurs, you need to be prepared.

Use this template as is, or make some revisions to tailor it to your specific situation!



TO ____________________________

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned,______________, rescinds that certain release executed by him on [date] , whereby he released you from any and all claims arising out of [subject for which release was executed], on the following grounds:

The undersigned agrees to restore to you total consideration received by you for his execution of the release, including [consideration received].

Dated: [Signature]


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