Notice of Revocation of Authority

This Notice of Revocation of Authority sample letter should be filed in your 'just-in-case' box, on hand and at the ready for just this circumstance.

If a management level employee who has decision making authority separates from your company, you’ll want to get this letter out asap!

You will want to use this form with each and every time an employee leaves your capable doors.

Whether this previous employee was fired for suspicious behavior, or if they resigned and left on good terms you need to send this letter for each and every applicable situation.

Don’t waste time - get this letter out the day the person’s employment ends.


Dear __________,

[name of former employee]  is no longer an employee of this corporation

and is therefore no longer authorized to act, in any form whatsoever, on

our behalf.

I am requesting that this information be relayed to all of your department


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