Notice of Termination of Lease

When entering into a lease it is usually under the positive assumption that you will have no need for a Notice of Termination of Lease form.  

Unfortunately, even the best laid plans go awry sometimes, rendering forms such as the following a must have.

The original agreement between leaser and lessee normally is a lengthy document regarding the terms of the lease, including reasons in which either party holds the right to terminate.

When you need to exercise that right, use this letter to provide a professional explanation and notification.

Using this template, you can have your situation specific letter prepared in no time.

Fill in the blanks indicating the details about the property and provide the reason for termination.

Enclose any other applicable documents and you’re all set. 


Notice of Termination of Lease


To _________________________, Lessee:


Take notice, that pursuant to the provisions of paragraph ___ of that

certain Lease under which you hold possession of the hereinafter described

premises, I have elected to terminate said lease as of ___________,

19___; said lease is being terminated [set forth reason for termination] and

you are hereby required to quit and deliver up possession of the premises

on or before the above mentioned date.

The lease above mentioned is between  ________________, as Lessor,

and _____________  ______ as Lessee, is dated _____________ and

covers the property commonly known as ______________. 


DATED:  ___________





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