Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance

This Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance is a great follow-up letter to send your employee after a recent meeting held to discuss their performance.

Each and every company is bound to encounter employees who fail to meet their expectations at one time or another.

When it happens to you, don’t get too discouraged just yet – first take some time to meet with the employee and explain where their performance is lacking.

Hopefully the meeting goes well - and as an extra proactive step make sure to send this letter out within a day or 2 of the meeting.

This will reiterate your expectations.

Quite frankly it’s also always beneficial to have the specifics of your meeting in writing to put in their personnel file.

Begin using this letter today!




Date: _________

To: __[Employee]__


Confirming our meeting relative to certain unsatisfactory aspects of your

performance, we expect that in the future you shall improve your

performance by:




We have every confidence the problem will not be repeated.



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