Notice of Withheld Delivery

Mail out this Notice of Withheld Delivery any time you are unable to follow through with delivering a customer’s order.

For instance, maybe payment wasn’t received, shipping instructions weren’t sent, or certain items are on backorder.

Note the date of their affected order as well as what it included.

If the underlying reason is listed below, great!

You can simply check it off and you’re good to go.

If not, write a brief description in the “other” category.

You may also choose to give the name and number of the contact representative at your firm.

This will make it easier for them to reach the correct individual if they have any further questions!




Date: _

To: _ [Customer]


Reference is made to your order for certain goods under date of  _, 19_.

We are withholding delivery for the reason[s] checked:


     __ Required payment has not been made.

     __ You repudiated or withdrew your contract to buy.

     __ You failed to furnish requested shipping instructions.

     __ Certain goods are back ordered and shipment will be

        made in single lot.

     __ Other [Describe] ______________________________________


Very truly,



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