Notice of Withholding Future Deliveries

Send this Notice of Withholding Future Deliveries when your client breaches their contract and you are forced to put a halt on their remaining deliveries.

Make sure to describe what led you to take this action.

More importantly, it is also a good idea to explain what they can do to reinstate future deliveries.

Attach any applicable supporting documentation, such as invoices.

Include your contact information in case they have any questions.






Notice is hereby given that we are withholding all further delivery of goods to you under that certain contract between us dated [date], which sets forth the terms and conditions for our sale to you of [description of goods].

That said action is being taken by us due to the fact that you have breached said contract by  [manner in which contract has been breached].  Said breach of contract occurred on [date] and this action is being taken pursuant to [section and code]. 

This is to also notify you that if you are willing to provide adequate assurance of due performance in the future to us, we shall reinstate said contract and deliveries to you will be resumed in accordance with our contract.




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