Notice on Receipt of Unacceptable Merchandise

Notice on Receipt of Unacceptable Merchandise. So you’re thrilled to find the “perfect” give for your mother’s 50th birthday.  When the item 

finally arrives, you open the box and to your disappointment find that the item is not what you ordered.

As discouraging as this may be, you’ll want to remain professional when you reach out to the customer service department.

Sending this letter is a great approach to take.

Remind them of what you ordered and explain the problem with the item sent.

Request instructions for returning the merchandise and include your contact information as well.


Dear ____________,

This is to acknowledge receipt of the above referenced order and to inform

you that the merchandise does not meet my specifications.

Whereas I ordered: you sent me:

Inasmuch as this item was intended as a gift, I must cancel my order and

request a refund for the merchandise. 

If you will provide me with your instructions for returning this merchandise

to your firm, I will arrange for its speedy delivery. 


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