Notice to Cancel Shipment to Back Ordered Goods

Use this Notice to Cancel Shipment of Back Ordered Goods when you have received a partial shipment and choose to cancel the remaining unavailable items.

Although it can be discouraging to realize that your supplier is unable to fulfill your entire order…it happens.

And the good news is, if you can’t wait until the items are available you should have the right to cancel them. 

Request an updated invoice and include your contact information should they need to reach you.





Date: ______________

To: _______________ [Supplier]


Reference is made to our purchase order or contract dated __, 19_, a copy of which is attached.

We have received a partial shipment and notice that certain goods are out of stock or on back order.

Please cancel our order for the back-ordered goods and adjust our invoice for goods received.

                                   Very truly,






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