Notice to Disregard Letter Indicating Inability to ship

Notice to Disregard Letter Indicating Inability to Ship - why would you ever need this letter? Picture this…Last month your billing department noticed that one of your customer’s accounts had fallen into default.

This prompted you to send a letter freezing all future deliveries. 

Consequently, your customer paid their balance and brought their account back to a positive status.

Now that you’re able to resume deliveries, you should send this letter out! 

This letter could easily be used for a variety of circumstances leading to a halt on shipments – just fill in the “blanks” and you are good to go!


Dear __________,

Please disregard the letter I wrote to you on [date] wherein I informed you

that we would be unable to make any further deliveries to you as called for

in our contract dated [date of contract].

The circumstances which prompted me to write the above mentioned letter

have changed whereas [state circumstances permitting retraction], and

we expect to be able to resume deliveries on [date].

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


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Exit Notice to Disregard Letter Indicating Inability to Ship - See More Sample Business Letters