Notice to Elect to Accept Damaged Goods

Notice to Elect to Accept Damaged Goods. Most of the time, when you receive a delivery containing damaged or defective goods, your immediate 

reaction would be to request a new item, or a complete refund.  

But what if you are able to use the damaged goods just as is?

For instance, maybe there is a chip in the paint, but the cosmetic appearance has no influence on what you will be using the item for. 

In this case, you may be best off to just request a partial credit, or discounted rate for the item by sending this letter!





Date: ____________

To: _____________ [Supplier]


The undersigned received defective or non-conforming goods on our order

dated _, 19_.  The items and nature of damage or non-conformity are as

follows: [Describe]



We shall accept said goods provided we are allowed a deduction of $_ from

the price.

Please advise immediately.

                                   Very truly,



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