Notice to Exercise Lease Option

Here is a Notice to Exercise Lease Option to send when you decide to renew the lease on your current residence or office space.

Make sure to get this submitted by the required deadline to assure that your landlord understands that you have decided to extend or renew.

It would come as a burden to both of you if you don’t communicate your intentions in a timely manner.  

This, of course, leaves your landlord to look for another lessee.

But this is a potential hassle that can easily be avoided.

When your intent is made clear, mishaps and slip-ups are easy to prevent.

This is an essential letter to keep in your files so customize it for your needs and get it submitted!





Date: ______________

To: _____________________________


Please be advised that the undersigned, as Lessee under a certain lease

under date of ___, 19__, for premises known as ____________ does

hereby exercise its option to extend or renew said lease for the next

option period commencing ___, 19__.


Very truly,





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