Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

Send this Notice to Pay Rent or Quit as a final attempt to collect your tenant's rent.

They may or may not have a justifiable reason that is preventing them from paying, but to be honest the reason should be pretty irrelevant to you.  

It is their responsibility to pay and to pay on time – just as it’s your responsibility to pay your bills on time. 

Make sure to include all applicable dates as well as what other consequential actions you plan to take (in addition to repossessing the property) if they fail to pay.



TO ___________________________, TENANT IN POSSESSION:

You are hereby required to pay the rent on the premises herein described,

of which you now hold possession, pursuant to a written lease, amounting

to $_____, being the rent now due to me by you for the period from

_____, to ____, or you are hereby required to deliver up possession of the

premises, within THREE DAYS after service on you of this notice, to the

undersigned or the undersigned will institute legal proceedings against you,

to declare a forfeiture of the lease under which you occupy said premises

and to recover possession thereof, with treble rents and damages.

The undersigned does (not) elect to terminate the lease if the rent is not

paid within three day.


     The premises referred to are commonly known as:

                   [address, apartment number]

                     [city, state, zip code]

               (Legal description may be inserted)


DATED:  _______________





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