Notice to Stop Goods in Transit

Notice to Stop Goods in Transit - why would you ever need this letter?

Well there are actually a vast variety of situations that could lead you to choose to cancel a delivery before it’s been made!

For instance, your customer fails to pay for the items.

They decide they flat out don’t want them.

Or, at the other end of the spectrum you may realize you’ve accidentally shipped out the wrong merchandise!

In each of these situations, it may benefit you to stop the delivery before it arrives, rather than deal with the confusion and additional wait time that would come with having the customer return the items themselves!





Date: _______

To: ____[Common Carrier]______


You are in receipt of certain goods in transit shipped by us and scheduled for delivery to:




A copy of our shipping documents is enclosed.

You are hereby instructed to stop transit of said goods, not make delivery to the consignee, and return said goods to us.  We agree to pay return freight charges.

No negotiable bill of lading or document of title has been delivered to our customer [consignee]. 

Very truly,




Copy to: _ [Customer]


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